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Wine News wines: Review by Riccardo Margheri for Del Rèbene, Veneto Igt Carmenère 2016

Review by Riccardo Margheri for Del Rèbene, Veneto Igt Carmenère 2016

With great pleasure we post the review by Riccardo Margheri, a well-known professional wine tasting expert, from the well-known blog Wine News, a daily communication agency on the world of wine & food.

Riccardo Margheri – Tour Operator

Riccardo Margheri – Tour Operator


Rediscovering something that has always been there but that was hidden: this is the history and peculiarity of Carmènere. Grape variety extensively planted in the North East of the boot after the phylloxeric devastation, but almost systematically (and curiously) confused with Merlot, despite the ampelographic and “commercial” characteristics (first of all, an endemic variability of the quantity of product) are in fact different .

So, when the error was recognized, the disciplinaries of the area denominations were precipitously modified to make the blend a little more similar to reality … Francesco Castegnaro, invented winemaker for passion at the expense of his career as a lawyer, took on I load an abandoned estate on the edge of the Berici Hills and has renovated a sixteenth-century village and three hectares of well-exposed terraces, in an unsuspected area (the toponym derives from the Cimbrian / Teutonic “Reben” which stands for vineyard).

He dedicated himself with conviction to traditional vines, and also produces an EVO oil from the local Rasara cultivar. It gives us a clean and fragrant Carmènere, not weighed down by the wood (12 months of tonneaux) in which the varietal vegetable character, prevalent in the Chilean examples of this grape variety, fades on spicy and fragrant hints. The palate is well designed, juicy, fine in the tannin, tasty enough to lengthen in the aftertaste with a peppery and tasty naturalness.

(Riccardo Margheri)

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