FRONT ROW SOCIETY: review by Annett Conrad

With joy we report the article of the editorialist Annett Conrad, of the FRONT ROW SOCIETY , prestigious German magazine dedicated to the selection of exclusive and high quality proposals, in the gourmet, tourism and automotive sectors. Thanks to Annett and Andreas, for having appreciated and described our Cellar so well.

Arrived at the end of the world! This is how it feels when you finally reach the property of the Del Rèbene boutique winery. The picturesquely located property is located on a hill, seemingly far from civilization. From here the view reaches unimaginable distances over the Berici Hills, whose hills in the distance are dominated by vineyards, olive groves and dense deciduous woods. The property is the home of Francesco Castegnaro and Claudia Serblin. With courage, energy, passion and an understanding of nature, they cultivate their vineyards and produce wines of unprecedented brilliance.

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Sloow Food – Il Carmenère Del Rèbene 2015

[Gianpaolo Giacobbo – Slowwine]

GLUCK – The bottle of the evening

Where: Enoteca Mariga, Bassano del Grappa (VI)

With: Pecorino sardo stagionato

I don’t know anything about this company of the Berici Hills, I have never heard of it, but when I was served a glass at the Enoteca Mariga I was unable to remain insensitive.

This Carmenère by Del Rèbene is really well made but above all endowed with that drinkability and that appeal to the glass that goes beyond any organoleptic description.

A glass to drink and to drink, welcoming, with a delicate salinity and with that direct and sincere taste that immediately captivates. The tannins are sweet and ripe and the wine has a beautiful balsamic freshness that blends with the fruity hints of ripe cherry, even if it highlights in part pleasant, not raw vegetal traits of fresh grass.

I drank it in the company of two old friends, talking about wine and jazz and sponging a seasoned Sardinian pecorino, not really typical of Vicenza’s gastronomic culture but capable of combining very well.

The glass was not one. I have to find out what’s behind it …

Gianpaolo Giacobbo (17/11/2016)


Wine Meridian – Del Rèbene ancient Cimbrian heritage

Del Rèbene and the ancient Cimbro path, heritage of the Berici Hills

A company of wine and oil, with ancient origins, of rigorous biological conviction, where the territory and the products speak for themselves.

This is a concept that the territory on which the Del Rèbene farm stands, testifies very well: a company now complete thanks to the production of oil, wine and a suggestive hospitality area.

To find out more about this small reality in the Vicenza area, we chatted with Francesco, the proud guardian of a land with ancient origins.

In 1990, entering an impervious path, on the edge of the back road of the Berici Hills, Francesco identifies the ruins of a district of 1500, abandoned after the Second World War: the ruins of the village were visible on a hill, an ancient volcanic chimney that dominates the Valle Del Gazzo, now protected as the natural and scenic beauty of Italy.

Although uncultivated for decades, the area appeared particularly suited to the vine.

An ancient map named the road that leads to this “Rebene” hillock from “Reben” which meant “vine, vineyard” in the ancient Cimbra language spoken in these hills from 1300 to 1500, and still has this meaning in German.

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